On the 17th of September Naane le Moya  held its first storytelling session Story And Breath at Bridge Books . When I had a meeting with Griffin Shea, the owner of the bookshop that’s located at City Central, 85 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg, he said to me, “Plant a seed and water it for sometime, and only time will tell. That’s what I did when I opened the bookshop, I planted a seed.” And that was the most encouraging thing I had heard in a long time. Three sessions later and fluctuating audiences, I look back with happiness and pride and I say to everyone who is reading this, what I’ve learned is that: All it takes is COURAGE.

This past Sunday (27.11.2016) I performed at the launch of the Ramolao Makhene Storytelling Festival initiated by A -Z Arts Center and I opened with these words,

Its stories that teach us history. Its stories that teach us our culture. It’s stories that teach us to be better people.

It’s through stories that boundaries are crossed, that hearts are touched and it is through stories that we celebrate the lives of those we honour.

With these stories I celebrate storytelling. I ululate in remembrance of the moments that stories held my hand, I bow down to the moments that stories said everything that I had wanted to say.

I want to send a big thank you to the storytellers who heeded the call. Who told big, bold stories. Who told soft and subtle stories. Stories that made us laugh and cry.


Malefu Mahloane, thank you for always celebrating your culture. Basotho are very blessed to have as a daughter.


Wazi M Kunene, for celebrating the music that language is.


Majesty Mnyandu, for your humour and excitement.


Nozi Ndaba, for your spirit.


Nomveliso Mbanga, for your soft character and your wisdom.


Lebogang Mogashoa, for the TRUTH.

For all of those qualities and many more that I didn’t mention, I say THANK YOU. 2017 is waiting for us.