A run for my dream – Femi Agunbiade

I got here as the cold dawn was breaking. Here was a spot by an old tree on a small hill. Near its tangled roots, within the green brush, was the small feet-beaten clearing. It was my hidey-hole, unknown to any other human.  Continue reading


Tuesday Shorts: Once upon a life – Busisiwe Mahlangu

We were told the story almost every night during our childhood, I did not think I could ever forget it. I remember the late-night conversations that lasted longer than they should because mama’s stories are never short, they need time longer than nights for them to live in their fullness. Mama was truly talented, could make you listen to the same story every night without complaining. Continue reading

Hunadi: I waited – Pheladi Makgeru

My friends and I make a pact, a forever most of us will never keep. We are naive and eighteen years old, barely old enough to have a good sense of the world. We are in boarding school. Well I am in boarding school, I got sent here four summers ago in the south-western regions of Limpopo. It gets really cold and lonely here, so you tend to gravitate to whatever human you can find. I am at a girls only Catholic institution, my parents had always wanted my siblings and I to go to the good schools, and this school was their idea of great.

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Tuesday Shorts: Ash and Lineage – Busisiwe Mahlangu

The first night Nondawonye left her village, she did not say any goodbyes, not even to her lover, Nhlakanipho. Her leaving was involuntary, something pulling her to somewhere. She left after midnight, straight from a dream to the bushes behind her hut. It was unknown to her where she was heading but the route felt familiar, she had walked that path in her slumber before it felt like she was still sleeping and soon her grandma, Gogo, will knock on her door and remind her of her daily chores.

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