The Noluthando Buthelezi Collection

I think it was Hazel Fasaha who first shared a post about Noluthando but it was only after her Sibongile Fisher shared the same post, followed by congratulations that I finally clicked o on Noluthando’s profile. The shared post was about her nomination at the Esther Women in the Kingdom Awards, for the significant role that her voice has played in the arts and the media.
The comments on her post made it clear that she was deserving of this nomination, friends and colleagues congratulated and showered her with well wishes and I wanted to know this woman. This was back in 2016 but I didn’t add her as friend then(by now you should know how super awkward I am, even on social media), I sent her a friend request about a year later when she again popped up on my timeline.

We hadn’t met yet when I invited her into a residency but she was often in the spaces I frequented and I knew that it was just a matter of a time before we bumped into each other and we did. We met this year, at Nomashenge’s Harmonious Dichotomous, she was there with her team and just as I was making my way out she stopped me to say hello. I played it cool but in my mind I was excepting her to call me out for slipping into her inbox but now, she was excited about the residency and life.

I went home grateful that I had met her and that I actually liked her, so when she invited me for an interview at Hillbrow Radio this past Sunday, on her show, Poetry and Current Affairs I said yes without blinking. I wanted to chat more to her, long story short, she is an amazing human. Big smile and big heart.


Noluthando held it down proper in June on the Tuesday Shorts streets. She wrote stories that were so short but that packed a punch.

She started with Therapy. Looking at it as a place not where one goes to forget but where one goes to be ok with what happened.


In her second story, Flowers, she told a story of a broken home as the roots of broken children. Of love lost, tolerance and being #teambekezela without seeing clearly the results of your choices as a parent.


In The Missing Scribes, she took us back in time with clear descriptions and told a story of the importance of storytellers, of writers, of artists. This is an important piece, it reminded me of Busisiwe’s Once upon a life.


Finally she bid us farewell with Black Girl Missing, a story of the Chibok schoolgirls kidnapping. A story of a family trying to hold it together, of a broken mother who has buried herself in mourning. What a tragedy this was, I’m glad even when the hashtag died, writers continue to tell the story.


About Noluthando Buthelezi 


Noluthando Buthelezi is a dynamic speaker, writer and performer who has a heart and passion for empowering women and the youth in dialogues which are aimed at tackling some of the hardest hitting issues affecting society. Through the use of platforms such as workshops and creative presentations she has managed to impact lives wherever she goes, inspiring and challenging her adience to reach for greatness. Also a renowned poet, songwriter, news anchor and voice over artist, she does not shy away from using both the media and arts to express her many talents. She entered the scene only in 2010, and in the year 2013 she  was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in Performance Poetry by The Department of Arts and Culture as part of Windybrow Theatre’s 20 years of Democracy Celebration. Then 2014/2015 met her with even greater successes, when she entered the world of competitive poetry, walking away with several notable Poetry Slam Championship titles and prices, one being from as far as Zimbabwe’s Imbube Annual Arts Festival. In August 2016 she scooped a nomination at the Esther Women in the Kingdom Awards, for the significant role that her voice has played the arts and the media. She has travelled across the country sharing her great work and she continues to be a great inspiration to many. Poetry and Current Affairs, a style of writing and performance that she birthed out of her experience as both a journalist and poet in South Africa promises a great journey ahead of this rising star.


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