The GONE Collection

I started the year with a writing team of five writers, but due to unforeseen circumstances three have pulled out of the team. I’m sad to compile this collection but I’m so proud of the work that the writers produced during their stay here at Naane le Moya. I continue to wish them only the best as far as their writing and their creative careers go.


Lerato Morotolo

Unfortunately  Lerato Morotolo wrote only one story, It came as a shock in which she explored the flood of emotions one goes through when ones parent goes through a health scare.


Lerato Sefoloshe

Lerato Sefoloshe wrote two stories during her time. Mnyama Ndawo  that tells the story of street kids who stay in an abandoned building that can be likened to the one near KFC on cnr Jeppe and Small Street that has recently been developed into a student residency. In A New Day she expores being violated by the ones we trust, the ones who at some point were the ones to save us.


Lotanang Makoti

Lotanang Makoti wrote four stories that have taken readers through different journeys, exploring both city and village life. In his first story Johanna 14  he tells the story of a random day in the township, looking closely at the activities that mark the day. The honey jam story  continues to show us his ability to explore environment by setting this story in a boarding school. In his third story,  A trip to the beach, Lotanang tells a painful story that sits easily in todays South African highlights, the pain of losing a child due to shady dealings. And lastly, he explored a sibling relationship in The boy and the mountain .

All the story images were captured by Hazel Fasaha Tobo.



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