Let’s Talk Text: Free African Literature

Its the 31st of December 2016, I’m alone and I’m planning to be alone for some days. I want to get into the new year sober. My plans are to get into the new year alone, to gather my thoughts and to spend time with God, to present my year plan to Him and to not be blinded by anything. Closer to 00h00 I start to write the plans I have for the new year and one of the plans is to NOT BUY BOOKS. When you walk into my bedroom its books everywhere, some I’ve read, some I have not read, just books everywhere and as much as I’m a bit of a readaholic whose dream job is to be paid for reading, the sight makes my eyes a bit sore.

So I make a commitment to myself to start reading online and I’ve got to say, at first reading on my smartphone sounded like such a ridiculous idea, especially coming from someone whose book buying ritual is made up of first smelling the book, reading the book, checking the font, reading the blurb and then reading an extract from a random page. But I’m happy to report that I have been successful in my Operation No Book Buying and to also report that the internet is wealthy with books, from bloggers to literary magazines.  Man! even social media is overflowing with quality stories. And today I want to share some of the publications that have fed me yummy stories.

I started with Afridiaspora’s  My Africa My City a well compiled gem made up of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and photography.

I was so excited when I managed to find Chimamanda’s Americanna online too, I’m not sure how legal it is for the book to be found online, for free, but you can download it here.

Nairobi based lit magazine, Enkare Review has also recently published its first issue of the Enkare Review that is jam packed with quality stories, though you cannot download the issue, you can read it online here.

I’ve just recently finished reading the Afridiaspora collaboration with Writivisms anthology of creative non fiction, http://www.afridiaspora.com/download-daughters-become-lovers/. I am currently reading A Mosaic of Torn Places published by Brittle Paper and you can click here to see which anthologies Brittle Paper have on offer.

Brittle Paper, Afridiaspora and Enkare Review are some of my favorite lit magazines. They publish quality fiction poetry, essays, photo essays and non fiction as well as advice for young and experienced writers, so check them out and share the lit magazines, blogs of social media accounts you frequent for your dose of literature.


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