POEM: The Dino and the Doll – Kim Peter Kovac

The Dino and the Doll – Kim Peter Kovac

in the courtyard of lost toys,
a blue stuffed dinosaur
stands on a birdcage nailed
to a wall, just over a shelf,
the resting place for a doll
with red hair, raggedy clothes
and a broken neck, staring
sightlessly to her right.

these are just two of hundreds
which (who!) found their way here,
to a shared urban courtyard
at number one Mukachivska Street
in L’viv, Ukraine, a bittersweet
museum, perhaps, or a kinetic
shrine to the abandoned toys
and children, lost and found.

were they lost or were they left,
discarded?  will they find their original
parent (read: child) or is adoption
their path ahead?  who rearranges
the careful display and how old
are they?  do the curators listen
to the toys themselves, to their
songs of grief and longing?

will the dinosaur find a magical
doctor who can fix little redhead
making her live and alive, to sing
and dance a pied piper’s song
that will bring their parents
(a boy and a girl, probably)
to this place of longing
where they can all go home

in pairs?


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