Let’s Talk Text: 3rd First Fridays – Going Home

Last Friday, 05 May 2017, Bridge Books hosted the well received and thoroughly enjoyed third First Fridays. The event menu was made up of stories about going home and music by Song Bird. And for the first time since the inception of the monthly storytelling we took a video. So today we’re not talking text, we’re listening to text by yours truly, Baeletsi Tsatsi. I told stories about Going Home and not looking at home as a physical space but more of an emotional space of comfort, of habit and as a place you can let loose and slip into the essence of who you really are.

Here is the video of the show. Raw and uncut.

To read more about home, here are some stories that explore the topic of home more explicitly.

Boipelo Maetla’s Aurora that looks at home as a place that allows one to be nostalgic and indulgent of the feelings brought by home as an environment.


Aurora written by Boipelo Maetla. Photo by author

And Wazi M. Kunene’s We don’t write to Khumbul’ekhaya: They are not missing that explores home as not being a physical space but an inescapable state of being.


We don’t write to Khumbul’ekhaya written by Wazi M. Kunene. Photo by Hazel Fasaha Tobo


The next First Fridays will be on the 2nd of June and Bridge Books will be turning a year old so it’s going to be a PARTY. I’ll be telling stories about African Celebrations and because this will be a celebration of a milestone, we’re having only 50 tickets for sale.

Tickets can be bought here to avoid disappointments

We promise you a warm evening filled with all things yummy, so please invite your whole squad to come and celebrate with us.


Photo by Malefu Mahloane


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