MEET: Boipelo Maetla

Not everyone that talks to themselves ends up in a psychiatric ward, the rest of us, become writers. Boipelo Maetla is the latter.

A South African born incoming high school teacher and speaker, Boipelo has over 6 years of informal grooming in performance poetry, short story writing and public speaking. In high school, she participated in debating and speech contests.

In 2014, she came third in the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation Speech contest which awarded her the privilege of sharing the stage with Mr. Ahmed Kathrada, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and former business Day editor, Songezo Zibi. In the same year, she led the poetry conversation as part of the walk by Palestinian Solidarity Alliance which was to raise awareness of the injustices against Palestine.

Boipelo is one of the youngest writers to be featured on the short story anthology My Holiday Shorts (Published in 2014 by Black Letter Media).

In 2015, she became part of the few Africans featured in the Chicago based literary magazine, Maudlin House ( Boipelo Maetla’s work has progressed from social activism to restoring African cultural and spiritual identity through fictional narration.

By age 19 (in 2016), she had performed poetry on innumerable stages in and around Gauteng, including the Soweto Art Week, under the pseudonym, Ben Jackson.





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