MEET: Malefu Mahloane

Malefu is a budding Master level yogi and happy loner! She is a creative writer, recording voice artist with a ‘1950s sonorous voice’. Additionally, she is performer/oral story teller and a graduate of African Languages Linguistics and Literature, and a Computational Linguistics Researcher.

Her writing journey began in 2007 where she started writing stage plays which she performed with her peeps in high school and sometimes alone as monologues. In 2008, Malefu was selected to represent the Free State province at National level for the Poetic Justice competition, which was a high school poetry movement towards fighting Xenophobia and discrimination initiated by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development. She was later on in 2011 selected as one of the most promising female theatre writers and directors by the Department of Arts and Culture and Gauteng Theatre Practitioners for the Ishashalazi theatre programme. In 2014, she co-authored a Sesotho short story anthology published and available from UNISA Press titled ‘Di mameleng ha di Phetwa’.

F: Malefu Mahloane

IG: @only_chile

Photo: Desiree Motlha


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