LTT: Psych-Ward Blues – Hazel Tobo

Today on Let’s Talk Text, we feature our photographer, Hazel Fasaha Tobo, who has written her second book, Psych-Ward Blues.


Below is what the book is about, with the links of where you can get the book.

Psych-Ward Blues is a compelling and honest insight on depression and mental illness penned by Hazel Tobo

Mental illness is still much of a taboo in black societies albeit many people of colour suffer from several kinds of mental illnesses due to oppression and economic disparities. Psych-Ward Blue is a truthful memoir that unravels the whirlwind activity involved in mental illness.

Second time author, Hazel Tobo gives a compelling experience of depression, self destructive behaviour and attempted suicide which finally led to hospitalization. The dawn of her depression began only at age 5 and was later amplified by living in a city she detests, Johannesburg. This re-occurring disgust is also evident in her first anthology, My Broken Azania. In Pysch-Ward Blues, Tobo, bravely writes about her most acute episodes of depression.

Hazel Tobo is also the proud author of a self-published anthology titled My Broken Azania which was published and launched in 2015 throughout the country. She went on a book tour, travelling to Limpopo and through to KwaZulu – Natal. She has performed at The Annual Polokwane Literary Fair, The Annual Macufe Poetic Blues and Izimbongi Poetry Festival.

Tobo’s hope is that Psych-Ward Blues empowers many to stop hiding and to start talking when mental illness strikes.

Psych-Ward Blues is available at the following stores;

For more information about Psych-Ward Blues please contact Mashleen Matwa at



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