The Samson M. Mlambo Collection

This is a collection and links of the short stories Samson M. Mlambo wrote under the Naane le Moya banner in 2016.

The silent Preacher

The only thing left was for earth to tear half apart and for the sun to lose its tensely burning fire with heavy clouds gathering together for the whole world to be in darkness; just like during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.


A dream beyond the sky

Unlike his friend, Lebohang did not have an alternative course to pursue, except that his parents; like any other parent, wanted him to study medicine.


The Actors Entrance

After few seconds that felt like hours, Bongani finally opened his mouth, projecting his voice to ensure that the last person at the back-row receives it equally like someone in the front row: “Indiyo-Indiyo-Indiyo!”




Teacher by default, pervert by profession


All photos by Hazel Fasaha Tobo unless stated otherwise.


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