The Lereko Mfono Collection

laneHere is a collection of stories, with links, that Lereko ‘Rex’ Mfono wrote under the Naane le Moya banner in 2016.

A Sun named Tshepo

He wakes up just before sunrise to take a walk up the bridge to watch the sun rise. This is an important part of his day because his mother, Meikie, once taught him that the early morning sun heals.

An uncomfortable answer

Millicent’s statement is followed by a barrage of disagreements from her classmates “She’s crazy this one, how can you forgive apartheid!” “Why must we forgive but white people still live like kings!” “I hate Millicent’s comment!”


Fire, Bully, Fly!

And there he was outside, Tumelo ‘Bull Terrier’ Ketane. A large Grade 5 boy who was a primary school nightmare for everyone including grade 7 jocks.



The day they died

Children also see these things, they feel a certain way next to someone and they begin to cry, somehow overcome by sorrow when they are in the presence of that someone, then little after that, that someone dies.


The Impi Race

The loud gunshot sounds and the race begins. Bongani and Michael immediately put themselves in a competitive position, being part of the first load of runners. They are next to each other, and seems will remain so as the race progresses.


Photo by Botswele Mogotlane



Ice – Cream Politics

The ice-cream man also increases his prices this year to fight of the rising inflation rate and equipment demands, but the children hate this of course,


Buhlebethu’s Quest

She grew up watching her two elder brothers practise and perform gumboot dancing for the Chief during their Abantwana Expressions and now has become a great gumboot dancer herself.


Father! The magician

Over the next few weeks, Thomas’ father seeks a job anywhere and everywhere, but due to tough times he faces rejection everywhere and anywhere.


Pule and the Camera

Pule knows what he means though, he has officially reached a state of excitement, he has become excitement and cannot wait to get home and show his mom and dad and brother and sister and uncle and neighbour and dog and and and…..


2016 was a year of adventure and exploration for Lereko and I wish him all the best in this new year. His last story will be published in February 2017.

Photos by Hazel Fasaha Tobo unless stated otherwise.


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