The Pearl Matsebula Collection

It’s time for the 2016 writers to say goodbye to us. They have delivered nothing but high quality stories and I am very proud of them. I also say: Go Get Em in 2017.

Here is a list of the short stories, with links, that Pearl Matsebula wrote in 2016 under the Naane le Moya banner. Collected for your enjoyment.

The Little Boy in a Dress

“Be careful Myboy,” quickly said Gogo at his grandson’s abrupt action. Auntie helped him open the bag. In it was a maroon pebble. He took it out and wondered what it was. Auntie was just about to touch it when Gogo suddenly shouted,

The Best Friend’s Gardener

Usually when they liked the same man, despite how innocent, they’d discuss him, but this time they kept him to each self and that had never happened before.




It doesn’t matter on the other days but today, dark or blue she must get what she wants at whatever cost. Ja she’s also unemployed but she’ll get what she wants



The Sickness

“Girls do yourselves a favour and stay away from boys!” she stared at me. Did Miss think it was going to catch me? The butterflies in my stomach said yes.



The other side

One wondered how they knew about it and what attracted them to it. The other side.

The other said image

Cyber Strangers

And there he was. The special one. The one she declared ‘the one’ three weeks ago.


The Gift

I felt an embrace from fear. Not over the things I saw but being the only one who saw them. I eventually stopped telling people, especially my family.


Photo by Botwele Mogotlane



The Things They Lost

Her stomach suddenly felt light over how she would explain her absence, and missing her older brother’s funeral.


Oh Selina!

She was the perfect baby. Everywhere she went people wanted to hold her, everything was fine with her until she turned two.


I almost got “blessed”

He got so drunk he even tipped me for passing his direction. I had taken good take care of him, he added when he gave me his business card while explaining how his wife had a restaurant and she needed waitresses.


This is not the end of Pearl, in celebrating Naane le Moya’s one year of existence in February, we’ll publish the 2016 writers last offerings.

Until then, enjoy!

Photos are by Hazel Fasaha Tobo unless stated otherwise.

Baeletsi Tsatsi





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