A BIG thank you

I don’t quite know how to celebrate this year. I look back and the first thing I realize is that things know things better. I realize how leaps of faith need leaps of faith. I’ve had the pure blessing of meeting and working with the best artists of my generation. Of witnessing great revolutionary moments from the inside, of sitting at the very front to listen to the best poetry this year had to offer. I’ve been even more blessed to read the freshest literature every week. I’ve witnessed the power of commitment and of consistency and I’ve seen the results of courage.

10 months later, the thing I can say is, this year has been a blessing. It was nothing I wished for, which makes it even more valuable.

I don’t have words that sum up the depth of my gratitude, that is why I say, Kea leboga.

To the Naane le Moya writers, you guys have shown me the power of a team. I wouldn’t have done it without you. I can’t help but celebrate your growth, you are all individually amazing and I know that the future holds only the best for you.

To the Story and Breath storytellers, the wise men and women you all are. You have all been ridiculously amazing, I thank you for always giving your best.

To the readers and the audience, nothing was done for the people who did it, it was all done with you in mind. Thank you for reading, for coming to the shows, for sharing and for liking.

To the photographers, thank you, for not only reading the stories but for interpreting them in a single image and for honouring the phrase “A picture tells a thousand words.”

To Bridge Books, thank you for your amazing space and hospitality. To CSP thank you for initiating such a necessary movement, you are indeed building an industry and I am inspired to build as well.

As we are about to get into the festive season, I wish you and your families the best time. I hope that the celebrations will make time for you to write, to tell a story, or to listen to a story.

Because life without stories is dust.

Love and Blessings,

Baeletsi Tsatsi

Photo: Desiree Motlhaoleng


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