LTT: Made In Time

Tiffani Cornwall is a dramatic arts student in her fourth and Honours year of study at Wits University. She is majoring in Directing and Set and costume design and Stage Management. Tiffani runs 2 arts festivals: the RAPS Festival and she is the Johannesburg Festival Coordinator for the Shakespeare Schools Festival. She has also adjudicated various arts competitions, in addition to working with Tsogo Sun and Mini-Max Productions on an art education project. She has a passion for women and the agency they hold, as well as for children and education through art. She has designed and stage managed various productions at Wits University and has worked in various theatres throughout South Africa.

For her fourth year directing exam, Tiffani is directing Made In Time, which she devised with the cast and production team.


i bleed

every month.

do not die

how am i



Nayyira Waheed

Made in Time is made up of 5 stories of women who made up the bloodline of Jesus Christ. Women who weren’t well behaved and were unapologetic for their actions. Their stories about being ruled by tradition and being governed by men. It looks at a system that taught and encouraged women to look past how powerful they were and to settle for less. Stories about women who found their own voices and started to use them.

This piece of theatre looks at how religion dictated how women should dress, talk and act. And how these women fought the system and survived it but suffered the consequences of their actions. But given their circumstances, their challenges changed the way they thought, acted, prayed and the way they loved.

Made In Time is made up of stories of women who learnt to love themselves and how in turn, they became better lovers. Not only will these stories open up the audiences eyes to a new view of loving God, but it aims to show the perseverance and the strength of a woman.

It’s a piece of theatre that empowers and inspires, a piece that will encourage you to be the best version of yourself against all odds.

With Made In Time, Tiffani and the cast say : BE OF THE FIRE.

Here with the details of the show:

Date: 24 November 2016

Time: 13:30 – 14:30

Venue: The Market Theatre – John Kani Theatre 

Entrance: FREE




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