MEET: Katlego Rammusi

Every once in a while, one meets an artist that speaks to them. An artist whose words unpacks  reality. An artist whose words gives you an opportunity to confront the truth, to say hello to it and to not say goodbye until you are honest about what’s happening. At the Gauteng leg of the South African Provincial Slam, I met Katlego Rammusi.

World, meet Katlego Bontle Rammusi.

Katlego Bontle Rammusi is a poet. He studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics with the University of South Africa and is currently enrolled at RMI for a qualification in Film and Television.

He is the co-publisher of The Philosopher, The Prophet and The Poet and the writer of an essay published by Leadership 2020, Africa: Meaning, Significance and Purpose. He is also a frequent writer for Glowing Generation.

Katlego has spoken at over 30 cooperate events, workshops, schools and youth seminars. He was the youth leader and speaker for Unshamed Youth Ministries – Grace Bible Church (2009 – 2012).

In 2013 he started an NPO: African Intelligentsia which does work around the themes of identity and intellectual development and also runs mentorship programs in collaboration with other organisations. In 2015 he co-founded Afri – Inta.

He is currently working with the Current State of Poetry – Joburg Theatre and Crazy Poetic Ministries.

-Baeletsi Tsatsi



2 thoughts on “MEET: Katlego Rammusi

  1. You can measure the worth of his life through, the number of lives influenced, careers restored, purposes rediscovered by men who have encountered him. A star amongst many, yet without equal. Rre Rammusi!


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