One: Ashley Makue, WC.

‘We went through a weekend that saw South African provinces across the country hosting their provincial slams on the same day running around the same time, a malangabs explosion of poetry that was. It forged the various poetry scenes at every SA corner into one Force! We are witnessing the butterfly effect thereof, a hurricane of a poetry industry is well on its way…’ CSP

We will be bringing you a series of interviews – Nine Provinces. Nine Poets. Nine questions. with the slam winners from all the nine provinces.

Starting with Ashley Makue. Ashley won the #CSPSlam Ch.4  and has recently relocated to Cape Town, where she was crowned the winner for the Western Cape leg of the South African Provincial slam.

Here we go.

  1. A cat has nine lives, what do you have that comes in nines?


I have a set of nine, really cool pencils. (There are actually only nine because I lost one.)

2. What are the top nine things that you have achieved because of poetry?


I’ve overcome fear, learned to listen, forgiveness, spiritual awakening, self-love, I’ve learned sharing and community, confidence and courage, and I’ve found freedom

3. If you were to choose one winner from one of the provinces to slam against, who would you choose?


No one… I haven’t heard everyone but I am sure they are all serious competition.

4. What does this win mean to you?


It’s incredible. It is affirmation. It says, “You’re good enough. Your words matter.”

5. If you were to change something about your poetry scene, what would it be?


There would be no space for basic af foreign white people poetry or gimmicks.

6. What were the intentions with which you entered the slam?


I wanted to be better at sharing my words and the CSP workshops and slams helped me do that.

7. Imagine a slam of 9 legendary poets, who do you wish to hear slam against each other?


I’m not sure about slamming but I’d love to see Warshan Shire and Safia Elhillo reading poetry together.

8. In one nine lettered word, what do you do love about poetry and what are the challenges in poetry?




9. With only nine words, what do you have to say to the CSP?


Poetry is no longer just something to do when you’re not at your real job. This is a poetry industry.


-Baeletsi Tsatsi


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