SAPS: The Archives Poetry, Free State.

The Archives Poetry – Galactic Poets is a business arts entity based and operating in Bloemfontein – Free State, South Africa. A conglomerate under the leadership of the founder, chairperson, co-director Jayson Exquizit and CEO, co-director Thinkincap Rasello.  The Archives Poetry has went through a series of transformations since its inception in 2012 when it was called Black-Milk. Ever since then we have focused on hosting slam poetry events at bigger theatres, bigger lounges and restaurants. Our aim being to change the status quo, the times when slam poetry was taken lightly and not perceived as talent, a career or a profession.

We then started traveling and performing in and around Joburg, Cape-town, Kimberley, Welkom, and other major towns and cities where slam poetry receives mass followership. We also hosted literary workshops, charity events, in attempt to contain inadequacy or condescending attitude often associated with the art of poetry. Our greatest ambition is to create a platform where authentic art is exhibited, ensuring that artists make a living from their art works.



We admit that there is still a long way to go, but as the saying goes: “whatever the mind conceives, if the mind believes; then the mind can achieve“. So we started from the basics of slam poetry, the only way to remain pure and untamed by the evolving trends of laziness, plagiarism, parasitism and more often, lack of content, logic, reason.

We have in the past hosted poets like Mutle Mothibe, Thando Buthelezi, the WORD n SOUND team for the Broken Men Tour . We have hosted poets from Limpopo: Tom Ravenus and Meisie Dhliwayo. Kimberly: Celestial Prophecy, Mogale Sedibe. Cape Town: Zanzolo Uzwi Kantu and KUUMBA MUZIK SOLUTIONS from Pretoria.


Our focus this year is to get as many of our members to international events. We have more than 30-members all around South Africa, from slam poetry, theatre and live music. We will be launching few events this year and we will be taking very radical steps in securing a future for slam poetry in Free State and South Africa.  We are facing insurmountable challenges but we believe in the powers vested on us by The Ancient Gods of Ancient Kemet; that we will triumph.

To know more about the coming slam and future events follow The Archives’ Facebook page:

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