SAPS: Kgorong Poetry and Music, Limpopo.

Kgorong poetry and sound is an event presenting alternative arts and culture featuring live music of acoustic, jazz, metal, spoken word, hip hop and African cuisine. Since its introductory event on the 27th of Nov 2009, which happened every second and last Saturday of every month and is now hosted on the last Saturday of every month.

It has received enormous response and extensively spread across Limpopo as one of the rarest events, accommodating alternative entertainment and integrating diverse cultures.

Kgorong poetry and sound escalated above conditions of racial differences and cultural stereotypes, and became an image that the youth identified themselves with. Kgorong  has successfully hosted over a hundred shows where we were able to collect and resell music, film, fashion and other visual art work from artist from and beyond Limpopo’s borders.

These achievements then influenced other symbiotic artist development projects such as event workshops namely the Blackout Experience and the Black Market June 16 Charity event which played a pivotal leading role in marketing and promoting the products, services and the artists.

Since then it’s been evident that there is a gap between the arts and their market, hence making the KGORONG POETRY & SOUND events an essential need in the performing arts and multimedia retail industry.

Our main objectives for Kgorong poetry and sound are to develop profile and stage local and international events that integrate our vast arts and cultures in Limpopo to local and international markets whilst stimulating art awareness.

For more information about Kgorong, follow their Facebook page:

*Images provided.


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