Rape Statistics – Sibulelo Manamatela

Sibulelo Manamatela was the Audience’s Choice for the #CSPSlam Ch. 3.


Rape Statistics

The city makes no sound; it does not weep,
It does not laugh, it does not sing.
Shh don’t tell anyone…
Over 40% of South African women
Will get raped in their lifetime.
Shh don’t tell anyone…
Shivers of ‘no, no malume don’t touch me there’
Run through 15% of the under 11 children.
Shh if you tell anyone I’ll slit your throat.
Shh if you don’t shut up I’ll kill your mummy too.

That was the first time she died that night
Call her Babylon; godless and bewildered
Overthrown, a transfer in ownership,
The historic fall into depression.
Babylon: a city once lively and prosperous
Chocked up against the wall
And her walls being bulldozed by a
No-balled dick because her uncle wasn’t
Noble enough, didn’t know enough morals
To not play house with eight-year-old children.
The city makes no sound; it does not weep,
It does not laugh, it does not scream.

Shh don’t tell anyone…
The only reason she likes it rough
Is because she has never known it tender
They pin her like a voodoo doll
As if every thrust were a knife
Penetrating their enemies’ hearts.
So much hate in hers that
She gives them blowjobs for free
Unarming them with a flick of her tongue
Conquering with the slide of her mouth
So when they cum
She swallows them and their children whole.

Shh don’t tell anyone
She got it from her momma
Who got it from her momma
Who probably got it from her momma
Momma momma momma momma
They’re trapped in a generational curse
Her mother was once a girl too
At 18, a farm girl in the city
She wasn’t even pretty, she wore the right things-
Long skirts and a dying perm
But still, in a res room
An uninvited boy broke more than a door
They hadn’t been drinking
So what excuse do you have for him now?

Shh don’t tell anyone…
Rape is not demeaning; it’s dehumanising .
They don’t tell anyone that it hurts the most
When you stop being able to feel any pain.
Shh don’t tell anyone…
47% of the rapists are known by the victim.
Shh don’t tell anyone…
She never told.
They all never told.


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