MEET: Hazel Fasaha Tobo

Hazel; also known as Fasaha Mshairi is a self-taught writer as of 2004, a performance poet since 2008 and a photog­rapher as of 2010. Born in Tembisa 1993 and raised in the warm city of Polokwane; Limpopo Province. She explains herself as a lover of life, words and change.


“I’m a fanatic of my own job; writing, photography, perform­ing poetry and theatre. I am the river that carries water to the waterfall; the tree that sheds upon seasons of change and a universe that blinks in shooting stars to birth images that reflect society and its tales. I have been published in Poetry Potion’s Poetry is not a luxury and New Generation print editions as well as Shindig Awe Print publication , audio and video compilation. I have told and continue to tell tales of Azania through my self-published poetry anthology, My Broken Azania. Through it I plead with African sons and daughters to wake up realize the cracks in the haven that carries and nurtures them. This book was written for a better Africa; also to set a milestone of my ten years in writing. In my photography I aim to produce unusual and mind blowing images that are great enough to carry a whole story, poem or song. ”

-Hazel Fasaha Mshairi Tobo



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