The Xolile Mabuza Collection

Facebook timeliness are the best place to find out what’s being read and what’s being written and to also find out who is doing the reading and the writing. This is where I meet a lot of writers and readers. Thank you Zuckerberg, the Facebook streets have been good to me. Continue reading

The Flow Wellington Collection

Like most of the residents I host on the blog, I have never met Flow, I actually didn’t even know her as much as I knew the other writers before her residency. When she first sent me a message asking about the residency criteria I remember thinking, “This name sounds so familiar,” and before I answered her message I took some time to try and remember where I first saw the name. Twitter! he is very active in the poetry world and she has come up on my timeline a couple of times but not often enough for me to finally click on her page and do some research. Continue reading

Tuesday Shorts: Moholoholo – Xolile Mabuza

The final Moholoholo battle, the great battle, was fought in 1864. It’s been more than 154 years now since the war between amaSwati and Basotho ended but still our family mourns. We are still carrying our grandfather’s great-great-great-grandfather on our young shoulders, carrying their weight on our young shoulders. Our grandfather, Hangane was one of the warriors from the Swati tribe. Continue reading

Tuesday Shorts: Under My Sister’s Shadow – Xolile Mabuza

My sister and I aren’t best friends, we fight a lot and some days we go to bed not talking to each other. We always find something to disagree about. One of our big disagreements is the color of the sun. I say it is orange but Temakhetselo says the sun is red so we don’t always see eye to eye. We do agree on one thing though, that the sun is beautiful when rising and hot during the day. Continue reading